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Court House Capital Plan

Ryan is a trained engineer with extensive experience managing buildings and capital planning. He said, “that our existing county court house buildings are aging and desperately need a plan to keep them in good shape. Without a well thought out plan, boiler and heating issues, window and door replacement, roofs and an aging infrastructure can become much larger problems.”  


“As County Commissioner, I will make sure that our court house buildings have a five year capital plan, that the plan is updated annually and that the plan is followed.”

Expanded Partnerships

As someone who has spent his entire adult life working in government, Charlie sees tremendous opportunity to develop regional partnerships that benefit those communities who participate. Especially during the difficult financial times that will result from the coronavirus pandemic, local governments will be struggling to provide even the most basic services.

“As County Commissioner, I will work to develop and expand voluntary regional partnerships and collaborations that allow a smaller community to experience the benefits of a larger collaborative. As an example, I want to expand a regional purchasing collaborative where local governments can pool their purchases and, through economies of scale, receive the benefits and cost savings from large group purchases.”


“As County Commissioner, I will work with local officials to explore a range of voluntary collaborations that benefit local governments and allow them to continue to provide the services that their citizens have come to rely on.”


For the past 16 years, Charlie has been a member and continues to serve on the Norfolk County Advisory Board. In that capacity, he has used his MBA and his considerable experience to be a fiscal watchdog working to ensure that limited tax dollars are spent wisely.

“As County Commissioner, I will work to ensure that the county invests in capital improvements for our court house buildings, golf course and agricultural high school to ensure that they continue to serve the community. I will also work to ensure that the $31.7 million county budget is built on the best management and financial practices available.”

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For Charlie, the first concern relative to county government is safety –safety for country employees and for the general public. He supports all of the steps taken by the county to date. 


Ryan said, “I would work to ensure that employees and public voices are heard and listened to as policies and safety measures are developed and put in place. To that end, I would call for the formation of employee and user advisory groups for each aspect of county government relative to safety measures being taken and how and when services should be open to the public.”

Agricultural High School

Charlie is a strong supporter of the Norfolk County Agricultural High School. Located on a beautiful 360 acre campus in Walpole, it is a great choice for students who want to pursue an education in animal marine science, plant and environmental science, and diesel mechanical technology, and for students who benefit from hands-on learning.


Charlie supports the recent capital improvements at the high school and would work to ensure that additional improvements are made going forward.

Wollaston Recreation / Golf Course

The facilities of the Wollaston Recreation Center are a valued asset serving a wide range of citizens from throughout the county. As our County Commissioner, Charlie will work tirelessly to ensure that these facilities are well maintained and supported.


“As we struggle to deal with the effects of the coronavirus, I will work hard to ensure that, along with sensible safety restrictions, the county will keep the 93 acre public golf course open for use.”



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